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Emma CliMax Hybrid Mattress

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Essential Mattress Info

Emma (Canada)
Mattress Type
Hybrid (coils and foam)
Other Certification Info

Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
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Trial Period (nights)
Warranty Length (years)

Firmness Options

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Adjustable Firmness
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Firmness Info

The Emma CliMax Hybrid mattress is considered a medium-firm mattress, like the Original. Rated a 6/10 on the firmness scale. It offers the perfect mix of comfort and support. This means you get the cloud-like comfort of new generation memory foam, whilst still getting the right amount of support to protect your back and hips.

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview

The Emma CliMax Hybrid Mattress has four foam layers plus one layer of pocketed springs, the layers are:

  • Ultradry® Pillowtop Cover
  • AIRGOCELL® Hypersoft Comfort Foam
  • CliMax® Memory Foam
  • 4.7" CliMax® Pocketed Springs with HRX Supreme® Edge Support
  • HRX Supreme® Foam.
This hybrid mattress satisfies the unique needs of plus-sized sleepers - supporting sleepers over 250lbs (113kg), and up to 1,000lbs in total (453kg) and couples who do more in bed than just sleep ;)

Comfort Info

Emma's sleep experts have designed the mattress to allow for good airflow and top-notch moisture regulation so you stay cool and sweat-free while you sleep.

Motion-isolating AIRGOCELL® Hypersoft foam is designed to make sure that any movement from your pets, kids, or partner from the other side of the bed won't disturb your good night's sleep.

Support Info

The Emma CliMax Hybrid is recommended for sleepers who want extra support and bounce. This pressure-relieving, zoned mattress provides full body support that adapts to any body type. This allows your spine to stay aligned whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Comfort Specs

AIRGOCELL® Hypersoft Comfort Foam
This next-generation and award-winning open-celled foam enhances breathability by dissipating body heat so nights only get hot (and steamy) when you want them to.

CliMax® Pocketed Springs
Individually-wrapped coils enhance airflow by allowing air to move freely, keeping you sleeping cool and comfortably every night.

Support Specs

CliMax® Memory Foam
Visco-elastic and adaptive memory foam that has over 100 supporting points and 5-zoned contouring to provide pressure relief for the head, shoulder, back, and hips so you can say bye-bye to back pain and wake up relaxed and recharged.

CliMax® Pocketed Springs
Premium 4.7-inch individually-wrapped coils are designed to provide the optimum level of tension and bounce and are strong enough to support sleepers of all shapes and sizes.

HRX Supreme® Edge Support
A reinforced perimeter around the pocket springs that does not only help prevent active sleepers from falling off at night, but also help you sit up and get out of bed in the morning.

HRX Supreme® Foam
This High Resiliency Extra (HRX) base foam layer was stress-tested and is guaranteed to provide sturdy support and withstand even a decade of use.

Fabric Specs

Ultradry® Pillowtop Cover
This plush moisture-wicking, breathable cover feels soft-to-the-touch. It is also climate-regulating, easy to remove, and machine-washable.

The side fabric and handles are 100% polyester and the bottom fabric is 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene.

Manufactured in


Side Sleepers
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Back Sleepers
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Size & Weight

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Twin Dimensions
75 x 38 x 11.5 "
Twin Weight (lb)
Twin XL
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Twin XL Dimensions
80 x 38 x 11.5 "
Twin XL Weight (lb)
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Full Dimensions
75 x 53 x 11.5 "
Full Weight (lb)
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Queen Dimensions
80 x 60 x 11.5 "
Queen Weight (lb)
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King Dimensions
80 x 76 x 11.5 "
King Weight (lb)
Cal King
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Cal King Dimensions
84 x 72 x 11.5 "
Cal King Weight (lb)


Delivery Cost
Delivery Info

The Emma CliMax Hybrid is delivered quickly, free of charge, straight from their warehouse to your door. And if Emma is not for you, they will pick up it up and give you a full refund - but you've got 365-nights to sleep on it.

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Holiday Sale : up to 50% off. Ends Soon.
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