Haven Rejuvenate Mattress

Basic Mattress Info

Brand Haven
Mattress Type Latex & foam

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Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights) 100
Warranty Length (years) 10

Firmness Options

One Firmness Fits All?
Adjustable Firmness
Flippable / Reversible Firmness
Half-Half Firmness
Selectable Firmness
Firmness Info The Haven Rejuvenate is now available in two firmness options:
  • classic firm: this firm and supportive mattress will combine the desire for soft contouring and firm and supportive lower layers. Featuring a consistent density of firmness from head to toe. Ideal for sleepers looking for more push up and support from the lower foam layers.
  • classic firm + softer zoned: this customization provides an increased feeling of "sinking into" the mattress. Under the latex and cool bio-foam layers, the middle 1/3 of the transition layer is made of more forgiving foams. By dropping the hips and shoulders into the bed more, we improve spinal alignment for more shapely sleepers and make the body more horizontal on the bed.

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview Haven is Canada's first mattress company to use plant-based memory foams to deliver a more natural sleep experience, featuring a proprietary blend of 4 layers:
  • The beautiful cover features clinically proven "Body Recovery Technology", vent woven top layer with dry wick renewable bamboo
  • Comfort layer of vented Talalay NgLatex® with Hypothalamus temperature control
  • Transition Layer of plant-based PuReGel® quick response, organic Bio Foam™ for maximum body contouring
  • Firm Support Layer of hi-density, slow sink response, virgin, organic HD Bio Foam™
  • Stylish bottom cover with zipper.
Comfort Info SleepDeep HD Gel Foam is used in all of our mattresses. This conforming Visco memory foam combines the finest properties of softness and resilience of superior high density gel infused foam, helping you to maintain body temperature during sleep.
Support Info Haven uses different zones of memory foam density to flex more in needed areas without compromising the support your body needs.
Ergonomic firm support zones ensures the very best in spine alignment.
EcoFoam used in all of our mattresses provides resilience and long lasting support. Made with soy based gel foam, giving you a comfortable sleep while offering an improved commitment to the environment.
Comfort Specs Talalay latex is used in our luxury Rejuvenate. Natural and derived from the Hevea Brasiliens tree, Talalay is supportive, cushioning, and highly breathable. Latex toppers offer a pinhole design that allows air to move freely, creating a cooler sleep environment. Further they are flexible, resilient and long lasting.
Support Specs The open cellular structure of natural Talalay latex is unique, offering optimal ventilation. It directs moisture and heat away from the body, helping you sleep better, healthier and more hygienically. Talalay also provides superior spot elasticity, resulting in optimal support that relieves your body's pressure points. It is infused with Coper to help regulate temperature and zoned to contour your natural curves.
Fabric Specs Cover features premium fabric woven in Canada that contains natural Bamboo content, and STA-Cool Moisture Management Technology. STA-Cool transports moisture away from the body helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature for a more restful sleep. Luxurious and natural content stretch knit cover that has been woven with Celliant. The Phase Changing Material in Celliant regulates your temperature along with the high tech gel infused foams but it is clinically proven to absorb your dispelled heat energy and return it to you in the form of infra red energy. Clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and gain more REM sleep every night. Celliant - the only thread that works with every fiber of your being.
Manufactured in Canada


Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers

Size & Weight

Twin Dimensions 38" x 74.5" x 10"
Twin Weight (lb) 35
Twin XL
Twin XL Dimensions 38" x 79.5" x 10"
Twin XL Weight (lb) 36
Full (Double)
Full Dimensions 53" x 74.5" x 10"
Full Weight (lb) 49
Queen Dimensions 60" x 79.5" x 10"
Queen Weight (lb) 58
King Dimensions 76" x 79.5" x 10"
King Weight (lb) 69
California King
California King Dimensions 72" x 83.5" x 10"
California King Weight (lb) 70


Delivery Cost FREE
Delivery Info

Your Haven mattress will be made fresh to order. We strive to have your Haven shipped within 2/3 business days of your order, and depending on where you live in Canada, you should receive within 7 business days. Best of all, there is no delivery charge!

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This company has significant debt. Take a look at alternative mattresses.


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